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Andy Looker
Andy Looker
Branch Sales Manager
Paul Caldwell
Paul Caldwell
Reverse Mortgage Planner

Reverse Mortgage MYTHS

1.  The home reverts to the lender upon vacating the home.  FALSE

2.  The entire debt is due and payable within 30 days.  FALSE

3.  The borrower or heirs are responsible for debt.  FALSE

4.  The title to the home is in the lender’s name.  FALSE

5.  The loan can be called for any reason.  FALSE

6.  The borrower can have the note called because of age.  FALSE

7.  If payments are made, they are not tax deductible.*  FALSE

8.  There is no monthly payment.  FALSE

9.  There is only one way to receive the loan funds.  FALSE

10.  The funds are taxable by the IRS.*  FALSE


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